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November 4, 2017 - Sixth Annual Pumpkin Beer Taste-Off!

Bring 2-3 12 oz. bottles or a 22 oz. bottle for a blind tasting. Winners will receive fabulous prizes!

* If you haven't started this hobby yet, come in and see what homebrewing and wine making are all about.

* If you already are into this, come make a holiday wish list.

* If you know someone who would enjoy brewing or wine making, we have gift certificates and help with gift ideas.

Step in for a while to and chill - we have something the "big box" stores don't


Learn to Homebrew Day
The first Saturday in November is Learn to Homebrew Day. If you are already a homebrewer, invite your friends to come and learn while you brew up a batch of ale or lager. If you haven’t yet tried homebrewing or would like a few pointers, come on in. We’ll be brewing, bottling and sipping some homebrewed goodness!